He’s smart, kind, gentle and silly and has made a great playmate. He was a gift for our 9 year old daughter and we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family.

African Grey Parrots
African Grey Parrots
We found our beautiful parrot on Afro-Birds  Farm. She was named roxy, and we renamed her Stella. She was 10 months when we brought her home, and she has been a joy ever since. She is a sweetheart and extremely loving. I would recommend Afro-Birds to anyone looking for an African grey parrot

    Doreen Conbeer

I was searching high and low for an African grey parrot and I couldn’t find a breeder in Louisiana, nor Texas (Texas, didn’t have any available at the time). I ended up finding Afro-Birds Farm and finally appeared, Nicka! Oh my lord I fell in love with her, I called the breeder  and immediately said “I WANT HER” and that was that. I paid for her Friday and she came via airplane to Louisiana on Tuesday. She’s such a silly good girl and I’m over the moon happy!
Afro-Birds Farm helped me.

African Grey Parrots

I wanted to express thanks to Afro-Birds Farm how helpful it was finding our new family parrot he was named Yola from the seller but we re-named him Ric. I was a bit unsure of how this entire experience would be BUT I could not be happier. We found the seller to be quite friendly and returned my calls in a timely manner, and he has the puppies well kept in his home. I took my parrot for his first visit with our Veterinarian within 2 days from getting him, and he checked him out and he is a nice healthy, parasite free bouncy soon to to be 1 year 3 weeks old so far everything is good. We are so happy to have Dash in our home.

Thank You Glory Afro-Birds Farm for a great experience.
African Grey Parrots

Our beautiful parrot, Malino, is now ten months old and he is absolutely perfect. he gets along with everyone and no one is a stranger to him.  We are very grateful we found you. We have recommended Afro-Birds Farm to anyone who wants a parrot, well mannered. Our vet is very impressed with him as are everyone else who meets him. Thank you again!